100% Pure Egyptian cotton with a Luxury Finish

Why is Egyptian Cotton Superior to Regular Cotton

  • Both come from different plants. Therefore their properties are quite different.
  • Egyptian Cotton is sourced from rich soil found near the “Nile River”. The moist environments of the “Nile River Valley” are perfect conditions for the growth of long cotton fibres named “staples”.
  • Therefore, the fibres situated within the Egyptian Cotton are significantly longer than that of normal cotton – but what does this mean?
  • The longer staple means less splices in the cotton resulting in making the fabric much more stronger. The use of these extra-long fibres translates into very intricate yarn making which then results in the most exquisite and soft to touch Egyptian Cotton imaginable.
  • As Egyptian Cotton is more stronger than regular Cotton it lasts significantly longer too. It is also much more porous meaning it soaks up moisture well which results in a much more relaxing and calming sleep.
  • It is important to make sure you are buying from a trusted company like Pure Cotton Ltd. Egyptian Cotton needs to be 100% pure and not a cotton blend.
  • Thread count is also an important factor to consider when choosing your ideal Egyptian Cotton. The higher the thread count the more stronger and softer (resilient) the sheets will be.
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